Stay Smooth at an Affordable Price with Our Lotions

We have some of the best tanning packages in the Lower Mainland region and we also offer a full selection of lotions. We carry products at unbeatable prices at Island Sunset Tan. The goal is rejuvenate your skin and there’s no one better at that than our professionals at Island Sunset Tan. Our brands of lotions include:

  • Devoted Creations
  • Designer Skin
  • Ed Hardy
  • Mr International
  • Hempz
  • Swedish Beauty
  • Mystic Tan
  • Fiesta Sun
  • Season Sole
  • Botanica Eye Protection
  • Tanovations
  • California Tan

Why Tan Indoors?

For those of us who can develop a tan, indoor tanning can be an intelligent way to minimize the risk of sunburns while maximizing the enjoyment and benefits of having a tan. The experts call this SMART TANNING because tanners are taught by trained operators on how their skin will react to sunlight and how to avoid sunburns, indoors or out. For more information, visit or

What's the difference between indoor and outdoor tanning lotions?

Indoor tanning lotions are very different than typical suntan lotions that were formulated to use outdoors. The skin care products that we sell replenish the skin's moisture that is depleted during tanning and many contain cosmetic bronzers to help you look darker, faster. Indoor tanning lotions are "bio-engineered" specifically to deeply moisturize skin and enhance the effect of UV rays (typically 95% of UVA and 5% of UVB). Never use outdoor suntan lotion in a Sunbed as the SPF found in outdoor lotions block both UVA and UVB rays which restricts the tanning process. Important to note: oils can seriously damage sunbeds' acrylic material, causing hairline cracks.

Why use a lotion?

Dry skin reflects UV light, so if you are not using an indoor tanning lotion, you can be wasting up to 50% of your tanning session.

Skin conditioning may just be the most important and often overlooked part of the tanning process. Indoor lotions contain specific ingredients that promote tanning and melanin synthesis.

High-quality indoor tanning lotions have a refractive prism of natural oils that cause a magnification of the UV light, this helps intensify your tan. Indoor tanning lotions that contain vitamins, natural oils, minerals, anti-oxidants, and natural botanical extracts give your skin the extra moisture needed to achieve a deeper tan that will last longer than dry, unhealthy skin.

Preparing your skin with lotion one time gives you the same results as three sessions without! Achieve a beautiful tan faster with deep bronze colour without reddening.

  • Extend your sun-kissed look longer and look healthier.
  • Moisturized skin feels more supple and youthful.

Which Type of Tanning Lotion Is Best for Me?

The lotions we offer at Island Sunset Tan are exclusively formulated with skin-relieving, cosmetic quality ingredients to moisturize and maximize your results while tanning indoors. Our friendly, knowledgeable team will help you find just the thing to build and keep your bronze glow at an affordable price!


Great for beginners starting a base tan, accelerators help increase the efficiency of every tanning session.


"Are you happy with the level of color your body naturally produces with a tan?" If you're not, you might want to try a bronzer. Bronzers enhance and deepen colour and even your skin tone, enhancing your bronze, sun-kissed look.

Dual bronzers

Dual bronzers provide bronze gratification from immediate cosmetic bronzers such as caramel and walnut extract as well as from DHA sunless tanning agents, which oxidize over a few hours with the natural proteins in the skin to develop even deeper, darker results. It recommended waiting to shower at least 4 hours after tanning with any bronzer to ensure results.

Tan Extenders

Tan Extenders are specially designed moisturizers that replenish your skin after tanning and lock in the colour and glow of your tan for longer-lasting results.

Facial Accelerators & bronzers

The facial area is much more delicate and more likely to have allergic reactions to fragrance, breakouts and cosmetic reactions. Use facial accelerators and bronzers that are fragrance free and/or hypoallergenic and specifically designed for the face

Tingle Lotions

Tingle products deliver a warming, reddening effect on the skin by increasing the skin cell's microcirculation and oxygenation to produce deep, dark tanning results. Tingles are for your advanced tanners and are not recommend for beginning tanners or individuals with sensitive skin. Tingle products are also effective on hard-to-tan areas such as women's legs. As with all tingle products, extra care should be taken when handling children and pets as the reddening effect could be transferred to skin even hours after use.

Check Out Our Tanning Packages

Here at Island Sunset Tan we love to give our clients options. That’s why we offer a number of tanning packages. Check them out:

Tanning Minute Packages

We have 70-minute, 115-minute, 230-minute and 350-minute sessions. There are different prices depending on which sunbed you choose (Regular, Super, King, Ultra or Stand Up).

Session Packages

For 10 or 20 sessions, you’ll pay a base fee and then pay a reduced visit fee when you come to tan. Visit fees are dependent on the sunbed chosen (Regular, Super, King, Ultra, or Stand Up). This allows you to try a variety of sunbeds and decide which one works best for you.

One-Month Unlimited

This package allows you to tan once every 24 hours for one month (time goes from the date of purchase till the same date of the following month). There are four different packages to choose from:

  • Regulars - gives you use of our Regular sunbeds. 
  • Supers - gives you use of our Super and our Regular sunbeds. 
  • Kings - gives you use of our King, Super and Regular sunbeds. 
  • The Works - Gives you use of our Stand Up, Ultra, King, Super and Regular sunbeds.

You can also check out our Infrared Sauna, which has room for up to three people. A towel fee applies for the second or third person. Your Infrared packages are available in single sessions, a package of six sessions or a month limited (up to 15 sessions or 1 month).

We also offer a Drop in Minutes package, which is available with pricing based on your choice of sunbed.

All Minutes and Sessions are good for 1 year after your last visit.

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