A Wide Selection of Tanning Beds

At Island Sunset Tan in Coquitlam and the Tri-City area, we give our customers a positive tanning experience that makes you feel like you’re on vacation. We pride ourselves on providing a comfortable atmosphere along with products that’ll rejuvenate your skin. We have many different types of tanning beds, which includes:

Regular Level 1 Sunbeds:

Our Regular Sunbeds are driven by 24 lamps that give great colour for all tanners. Once your base tan is established, these allow longer exposure times to deepen colour and enhance relaxation. We have many tanners that use nothing but our Regular Sunbeds and are thrilled with their results.


Our Super and Super Face Sunbeds with High Pressure UVA bulbs deliver a deep dark bronzing tan in up to 20 minutes. These 26 lamp high output beds are meant for the serious tanner that wants to go beyond their normal tan.

KING and KING/FACE Level III Sunbeds:

Achieve and maintain your goal shade with UVA High Pressure bulbs for minimal photo-aging. KINGS deliver optimal deep bronze colour in up to 20 minute sessions. The beauty of the KING Beds is that you can achieve a dark tan faster and your tan will last longer too, so you don't have to tan as often.


Cool, comfortable environment with room to dance in 360 degrees of radiance. Our HEX II Stand Up Sun Booth allows total wrap around tanning that eliminates lines down your sides, under your armpits, and other hard to tan areas. Very popular for those in a hurry or who don't like to lie in a regular bed.


Our top of the line tanning for the very discerning, experienced tanner. Our Ultra SUNDASH mimics sunlight’s UV with 40 reflector high output 170 watt bronzing lamps. Meant for the serious tanner that wants to go beyond their normal tan, these comfortable, roomy sunbeds let you stretch out for better coverage. Spacious for best coverage which helps you even out tan lines with deep bronzing intensity and minimal photo-aging. Saves you time and money!


Infrared rays heat the body (not the air) the same way as natural sunlight to provide a number of health benefits:

Comfortable and Safe

Breathe comfortably and still sweat 2-3 times more than the traditional sauna. Infrared Rays are so safe that they are used in hospitals to warm newborn infants.

Improves Skin

Smart Tans & infrared sauna sessions combine to make your skin look healthy and blemish free. Right after your sauna is the best time to go for a tan!

Provides Pain Relief

Far Infrared heat penetrates up to 3 inches or 7.63 centimeters deep to Increase circulation and oxygen supply to promote faster healing and relieve joint pain.

Increased sweating detoxifies your body and skin of impurities we ingest through our diet. Detoxification through the skin takes a load off the liver and kidneys.

Boosts Immunity

Infrared sauna helps aid the reproduction of white blood cells essential for health and well-being which shortens recovery time and protects against viruses and illnesses.

Increases Weight Loss

Detoxing in the sauna helps many people lose stubborn fat buildup. The higher your metabolism the easier it is to lose weight. Sweating is the body’s natural way of cooling down, so sweating is excellent! Burned energy boosts the body’s metabolism. In the sauna you burn calories FAST to cool the body down and release toxins.

Decreases Hypertension

Infrared saunas help aid the body in relaxation, reduce mental strain and lower blood pressure. People with hypertension will benefit from relaxation and frequent short sessions in the sauna added to regular exercise, and healthy diet.

Prevents Congestive Heart Failure

Infrared saunas increase blood-flow through-out the body from the heart, preventing potential buildups and blockages from forming.

Decreases Water Retention

Get noticeable results with regular use. Quick weight loss is always the body’s elimination of its water reservoir. Release the swelling or bloat that comes along with water retention!

Remember to drink plenty of water! Dehydration may cause dizziness. Rise carefully. *Please consult your doctor if you are on medication.

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